How Donating Works

Donating cord blood is easy, free, and without any risk to you or your baby.  A cord blood donation is a chance to save a life or lead to a life-saving medical discovery that changes thousands of lives in the future.

The painless give of donating a baby’s cord blood is done routinely.  Don’t be left out and don’t let your baby’s cord blood be thrown away as medical waste.

Minorities are underrepresented and often shorted on matches for treatment.  If you are a minority, the need is even greater.

Call us at 1-800-NUMBER if you would like to talk about donating your baby’s cord blood.

How It Works:


Check for Eligibility

The good news is that the majority of expecting mothers are eligible to donate their baby’s cord blood and cord blood tissue.
Here are the key factors:
- 18 years or older
- Health history

Complete and Return the Donation Enrollment Form


Pack Your Collection Kit

After completing the donation form, a cord blood collection kit will be sent to you. This kit is free and will come with the prepaid shipment

Once you receive the kit, place it with the items you are taking to the hospital. You might even find it helpful to go ahead and pack it in your hospital bag.


Give it to the Hospital Staff

You can talk with your doctor, but more than likely the doctor will have you give the collection kit to hospital personnel – more than likely a nurse.

Once the hospital knows you are donating your cord blood, they will take care of the rest.

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